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    Kit (Labor Option)
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    N/A or NOS
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    1st Quarter 2020
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  • Full Kit with Labor:

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    BBC Builds
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615 / 632 BBC NOS Build

615/632 SR20 BBC 1150hp, 8500rpm N/A, 1750hp 1 Stage (KIT with labor option)



Dart 10.200 x 4.600 Big M Steel Billet Caps, CNC Rod Clearance (aluminum rods)


Rotating Assembly 

Callies 4.625” Magnum Crankshaft, Internally Balanced

GRP 5550 Series Aluminum Rods 

10) JE Custom Pistons 4.600 Bore, Domed 20 Degree Pistons, 14.0:1

Rings .043/.043/ 3/16 Tool Steel, Napier Ring Set

Michigan Clevite “H” Series Rod & Main Bearings, Extra Clearance


Heads & Top End 

Brodix BP SR20 Package & .950 Lift 2.400/1.800 Stainless Steel Valves or Power Adder Package 2.350/1.900, 507/335 cfm 

ARP Head Studs 12pt

Head Gaskets

Receiver Groove Heads

Jesel Rocker System High Ratio (1.85/1.8)

Brodix T/Deck BM 2021 CNC Port Matched Intake Manifold

Moroso Fabricated Valve Covers

Valve Train 

Jesel Cam Drive

Custom Billet Camshaft

Comp Cam Mechanical Roller Lifters with High Pressure Oiled Rollers

Manton Custom 7 / 16 -  3 / 8 Tapered Pushrods (thick wall)


Oil System 

Moroso Comp Eliminator Oil Pan, Fabricated Aluminum 8” Deep

Moroso Billet Spur Gear Oil Pump with Integrated Pickup & Driveshaft


Induction with N2O System, Hardware & Supplies 

Gaskets Plugs Etc. Pan Gasket, Intake Gasket, Plugs, Oil Filter, Filter Adaptor, Distributor Holddown, Timing Pointer.

Hardware: Balancer Bolt, Intake & Pan Hardware, Carburetor Studs

ATI Balancer Aluminum Outer Shell

MSD Crank Trigger Distributor


MSD Crank Trigger

MSD 8.5mm Wires

QuickFuel Nitrous 1450 Carburetor

2” Carburetor Spacer

Induction Solutions N2O Fogger Kit, Flowed with Tune-ups

Holley Fuel Pressure Regulators



Debur Block & Heads

Mill Block

O’Ring Block

Hone Block with Plates & Valley Lugs

Install Screens

Pin Fit Rods & Pistons

Polish Crank

Blend Piston Domes

Disassemble Heads, Clean, Lap, Tune for N2O, Set Spring Heights & Reassemble

Wash all parts

Assemble Complete N2O Motor, Individually Fit Bearings, File Fit Tool Steel Rings, Degree Cam, Set Compression, Piston to Valve Clearance, Check Stroker Clearance and Professionally Assemble. 

Dyno N2O, 4-5 Tuneups




OPTIONAL ADDITIONS for additional charge

Pro Block, +.600 Jesel Drive, .904 +.300 Lifters, 54mm Babbit 4-7 Swap Cam .750 with Pan Rails 

Add Titanium Valves 

Dart M2 Raised Cam Block, Steel Caps